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I’m making my way through Solstice Wood which I’ve had out from the library for weeks now. This not my first McKillip book; I have, in fact, started a bunch of her books and finished only a few. I’m finding, as I read, that once again I’m not sure I like her writing all that much. It’s an annoying combination: I adore the lushness of her world, I’m intrigued by the set up of this story, and I am more curious than caring about any of the characters. They are almost haunting, are almost captivating, are almost endearing. There isn’t anything at all that I can point to and say, “Ha! This is what’s wrong with it!” because there isn’t anything wrong with it. With this book especially, I’m marveling at this dis-connect, because, come on. This world. Other worlds. Boundaries and meetings and, then, fiber magic! All things that should make me love the story, and it’s certainly a magical combination to get me through the book, but I feel a distance from the characters that I generally dislike in books.

I want to love her writing. It seems, when I’m reading it, that I should, but something keeps that from happening, and it’s frustrating.

I’m also (sort of, kind of) reading The Red Tent based on the praise that was heaped onto it by folks in a group I’m in. I set it aside to read the two Mercedes Lackey books I just devoured, and I’ll pick it back up when I’m done with Solstice Wood which needs to go back to the library.

I have been devouring books the last few weeks. Reviews will be coming, I swear! In the meantime, what have you been reading?


4 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. Artist of Life

    I’m reading “The Underside of Joy” by Sere Prince Halverson at the moment, and I’m undecided about that too…it’s a bit more serious than I usually like my reading. To balance it out I started reading a bit of “I’ve Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella – I haven’t got through much of it yet buy I’m a huge Kinsella fan so I’m sure I’ll love it 🙂

    1. Jolene Post author

      I went to check out Underside of Joy, because it became (in my pre-caffeinated, pre-breakfast mind) a book about depression, about becoming okay with depression, about the possible value of such a mind-state. Heh. Not so much. Still, it looks interesting enough to check out from the library, and hey, the geography at least should be pretty.

  2. lykeiaofapollon

    I am reading a collection of short stories by Agatha Christie (my dad found a bunch of her books as free downloads for my ereader through the kobo store and put them on for me *grin*).
    I had recently read the Triton romance book you had mentioned, and found it alright…not great but alright. I read the preview of the second book in which Dionysos was the main character and just couldn’t into the first few chapters so I declined downloading it.

    1. Jolene Post author

      I never did go on to book two on that series, either. The first one was funny and light-hearted, but also just not what I typically read.


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