Love or obsession?

Managed over 1k words for the past two days, despite raging migraines. Very exciting. I watched my writing process for a novel in miniature yesterday: opened the chapter, reread what I’d written the previous day, and watched half of it crumble away into “not how it’s supposed to go” land.

There is no wasted writing. I now know one way for sure that chapter wasn’t supposed to happen. Is this what we tell ourselves in order to keep writing without going (too) nuts? “It’s all practice, it all counts!” Practice, I guess, in letting ourselves be wrong, in being humble enough to keep serving the story and following it, despite its sidetracks and dead-ends.

I go to bed thinking about this project. I wake up thinking about it. I wish I was able to dream about it on command. I keep writing it because I want to read the darn thing and no one else will write it!

I still owe (to whom, exactly?) a number of reviews. This weekend (YAY FRIDAY!!!) I’m roasting chicken, making a Reuben pie, and I may very well tackle that sock…

What are your plans for the weekend?


5 thoughts on “Love or obsession?

  1. marybeth

    My plans for the weekend is a flight to the Bahamas, sitting on the sand with a Pina Colata or two, soaking up the sun and scuba diving. which really translates into filling the claw foot tub with bubble bath and relaxing, lol will be lucky if I can get 5 min in the shower lol

  2. firefly124

    That’s right, there is no wasted writing. Thanks for the reminder, as one of my projects for today involves finishing off a (fanfic) novella and somehow that has so far involved cutting over a thousand words off it. *headdesk*

    That’s my main goal for today, though, as it’s a working weekend ahead and my deadline is Tuesday. That and possibly figuring out a drink mix or two for the Three Olives Loopy I tried last night, which smells like Froot Loops but has a bit too much lemon taste at the front drunk as a shot. I’m thinking blueberry schnapps might balance it.

  3. Lyra Rose

    Well, I’m only a week late in replying to this XD Last weekend my plans were pretty low key (I swear any time I hear those words together I automatically think of Loki–thanks Neil Gaiman).

    This weekend I plan to spend the entire weekend working on my WIPs, of which there are multiple! I will have the house to myself, so I also plan to do ritual.

    How’s the sock coming?

    1. Jolene Post author

      Sock? What sock? ;o)

      I’ve splurged and bought myself a rug hooking kit, a nice, happy, primitive one (think burlap and wool, rather than plastic and acrylic) to re-introduce myself to rug hooking, and I’m wondering if this will go the way of spinning for me. I bought a hand spindle and then proceeded to throw myself back into knitting. Will the rug hooking force me to say, “But I haven’t even tried cables yet! I don’t have TIME to learn another fiber art!!!” We’ll see!

      Fear not: I too always and will forever hear “Loki” when people say low-key. I can’t blame Gaiman for it, but I can blame my father, and I do. Of course, in our household there’s no shame in being reminded of Loki on a regular basis.

      How are the WiPs coming along?


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