Book reviews, writing, and life.

I’m sitting on a number of book reviews I need to get posting, but it’s not going to happen today. Possibly tomorrow. I opted instead to have a migraine yesterday. Migraines, for those not in the know, are *boring*. They hurt, but if you have them enough, you develop a tolerance for the mild-to-moderate ones. So, for example, you end up being almost able to function, with enough pain to be easily distractable, but not enough pain to make a stubborn you lay down and put ice on your head. Yesterday I attempted to write my way through the migraine (and managed 1k plus words, though most aren’t going to stay) and then tried to read. I say try, because the ability to decide what to read left me staring at my choices for half and hour before giving up and just going to bed. Grr.

Today I still haven’t decided. A history of food preservation? Post-apocolyptic zombies from a zombie’s pov? The first Brenda Strange book? What to read, what to read? At least the (gorgeous!) Human Evolution book is too large to tote around with me all day, so that narrows it down. . .

Off to work, two hours earlier than scheduled, and really I just want to stay home and fix the 1k plus words that need to be changed from yesterday and continue on . . .



2 thoughts on “Book reviews, writing, and life.

  1. Beth

    Have you noticed the proliferation of philosophical zombie books on the “new” shelf at the library? What’s up with that, I wonder? (Could be a topic for a future post!)

  2. Lyra Rose

    Ugh, I hate migraines. They are no fun at all. The most I can ever do when I get one is to lay down and sleep it off. That’s the only way for me to get rid of them–medicines (natural or doctor prescribed) never seem to work for me. Sleep is the only medicine that is effective!


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