Stalled on Sock One

So, for Yule, my longest and beyond-dear friend . . . we’ll call her FiberandSheepNut-S (as opposed to FiberandSheepNut-B) sent along some sock yarn, a pattern, and teeny needles, to support my Year of Socks. See, I’ve been knitting rectangles and squares for some time, happily happy in my “intermediate beginner” phase for too long. I like security. I’m having fun exploring ribbing, with nary an increase or a decrease to be had. But, the reason I started knitting in the first place (aside from having an excuse to go into yarn shops and throw myself face first into piles of skeins, anyway) was so that I could make myself socks.

I’ve discovered, in my knitting adventures, that I’m more of a process than a product knitter (except for socks!!) and that I’d much rather household goods — wash cloths, scatter rugs, blankets (in theory? I’ve done wash cloths, and bags, and scarves, and mug cozies) than sweaters and stuff. And, I like small pieces, so that I can knit comfortably on the bus. In fact, this is why I have so many wash cloths: they are small, they allow for small needles to avoid poking my neighbors on the bus, and they allow for pattern practice. I quite love them.

Socks would also be immensely practical and small and portable. I clearly need to knit socks.

Originally I was going to partake of the Rockin’ Sock Club except I’d also decided I was going to learn weaving this year, and get the book written (and a second book, at that!) and then suddenly it was too overwhelming to finish socks in two months, for a whole year, so I decided no, I’d do it on my own at my own pace. FiberandSheepNut-S, because she is beyond awesome and amazing, sent along my first project. And then I opted for bigger/different/less scary yarn and needles with the promise that after I got the hang of them down, I’d knit a finer sock in the same style.

You can, ah, see my own pace. That’s Sock Number 1. It’s a very basic pattern — ribbing and then nothing but knit stitch for the rest of the sock! I was knitting it when Beth’s daughter was out, but then stopped because I got scared. I wrote down where I left off. Did I save the paper? Ha! (Well, I didn’t exactly not save it. I did not, however, put it somewhere safe from the myriad of beasties in our house, apparently)

I am about 97.8% confident that when I sit down with the pattern and the sock and some amount of time and my brain turned on (not this weekend) I’ll be able to figure out where I was and pick it up again. I’m also pretty sure that even if I mess it up it’s okay, because I gave myself permission to make this sock not exactly wearable. It’s my first sock, darn it! (heehee, darn it, get it??)

I haven’t picked knitting up again since I put this sock down. I miss knitting. I need to find a new project . . .


4 thoughts on “Stalled on Sock One

  1. darciad

    You’re doing great! Resist the urge to begin another project (Do as I say, not as I do!) and forge on! Socks are SO worth the effort to learn!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thank you! 🙂 i’m not giving up on this one (should I admit that this Sock Number 1 is really Sock Attempt Number 2? Naw, the first attempt wasn’t in the round, it can’t possibly count!). Even if it ends up . . .um. Well, wrong, I’m still gonna finish it! Possibly even this month, hee!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Afghans! I haven’t actually done any blankets yet; I was going to learn crochet specifically to do afghans, but then I didn’t. Or, haven’t yet. Socks first!


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