Why is 5:30am acceptable . . .

and 5am doesn’t seem to be, to my body? I’ve been up since then, have showered, and still the body is all, “mmmrppmphh?”

Haven’t posted in a few days. Have been writing. Still crazy excited tickled over the new book. I’m also starting a new editing project (we’ll call it Jbook#2) and am enjoying that a *ton*. I’m honored of course to be a first reader, but mostly I’m excited to be able to get to see it now rather than having to wait. 🙂

Currently reading: Radical Homemakers and am looking forward to devouring it. I only got it yesterday, and I’m only on the introduction, and so far that’s covering a lot of what I already know, but . . . I can skip prefaces and acknowledgements, but I can’t seem to skip introductions. I’ve also got Winter Moon because I’m tryin go read the Walker Papers stories in order, and I’m just finishing up (today, hopefully, though Radical Homemakers may bump it) Susan Krinard’s Bride of the Wolf. Now that I’m thinking of it, Susan may get her own post at some point. I love her work.

Just finished Womens Work the other day. I owe reviews for about three books now; look for them in the future. 🙂

And, 5am is still wrong.


One thought on “Why is 5:30am acceptable . . .

  1. Soli

    I read Radical Homemakers a little over a year ago. Well, read is generous, more like INHALED. I didn’t agree with everything before she got into the interviews but that is OK. We’re due for a re-evaluation and re-valuing of those people who work in the home, no matter their gender, relationship status, kids, etc.


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