Look! It’s me!

Please check out The Daily Northbridge, where Deb was kind enough to want to talk to me about The Fairy Queen . . . and then, hee, wrote about it!

If you go for nothing else, go lookit Corbie!


13 thoughts on “Look! It’s me!

  1. Lyra Rose

    Puppeh is adorable! Also, I totally get what you mean about short stories proving you can still finish something even though it takes awhile to finish a novel–they do the same thing for me 😛

  2. Chris Bloom

    Hi Jolene, my mom forwarded me a link to the article. Congrats on the interview and the book! It sounds like you are enjoying life in the Northwest. We moved to the Southeast about 2 years ago and wish we had done it sooner.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hey Chris! Thanks for the ‘grats. I absolutely adore the Northwest — much as my mother would love to hear otherwise. I’m eager to explore points ever more northern in the coming year, but that’ll wait until after winter, if you please. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Southeast; I bet you get to laugh at the locals’ idea of cold just as much as I do here.

      1. Chris Bloom

        One of my cousin-in-laws moved out to Washington state a couple years ago and feels the same way as you. She is having a blast out there from the sound of it, and we know plenty of other people who have found that region to be downright beautiful. I know the pictures she posts from her frequent backpacking trips are always stunning. Say hello to your family next time you talk with them. I always make it a point to drive around Oak, West and Water street every time I pass through the area. Seems like it never changes, for better or worse 🙂

      2. Jolene Post author

        Water street, I fear, will always be the same. The Northwest is really great, so long as you don’t mind the months and months of rain. After New England winters, what’s a little rain, I ask you? To be in January and have there be so much green is an amazing thing. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure the southeast has its own set of charms, as well. I’ll pass on your hellos; tell your mother hi for me as well. I’ve often wondered how she (and all of you, actually) have been doing.

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