What you need to understand is, I only found out about this yesterday. Some fiber artist or another died and bequeathed her collection to the Eugene Textile Center. The textile center was, in turn, having an estate sale. I, um. I thought we were going just to see what was there. But what happens when you have one spinning fiend enthusiast, one weak-willed supportive partner, and a small amount of expendable money in the bank?

This is what happens. We now have, on top of the I can’t even count skeins of yarn (well, I can. I’m not going to) and the assorted amounts of roving and the poor Jacob fleece waiting for attention, four and a half pounds of Romney. Lookit how small the sheep is after the shearing! Look!! Poor realistic looking, purple-eyed sheep! (and lookit and envy my Easter witch! She flew all the way from Sweden)

But, how can I say no to this?

Plus, now I can justify a book purchase . . .


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