Discovering the rhythm

It’s an on-going process, finding the right balance between one’s interests, because the right balance fluctuates constantly. I’ve been working on the current book for two weeks, this weekend starting week three. I’ve also been working on critiquing a friend’s novella and have a novel coming my way to work on next. I have books to read, research to work on, and the Pagan Blog Project I’m doing over at the other blog, and then other interests and obligations that are not writing related. Except for one day of feeling utterly struck dumb, I’ve found this pace to be invigorating.

When discussing projected time lines for getting critiquing projects done, I was tempted to say I needed more writing time for my own projects because I’m not getting any work on it done. And then I counted words. At the end of week 1 I had just under 9k words finished. At the end of week 2, as of yesterday, I had 19k, give or take a few hundred. I discovered, then, that my idea of “not getting any work done,” is false. This is only on the current book project. I apparently do not count essays for blogs (and maybe I shouldn’t count this one, since it’s more conversational than anything, but the pagan blog project posts certainly should count). But, only focusing on the current book WiP, I wrote more this past week than the first week, so why does it feel like the reverse is true?

Because during the first week I sat down and wrote a little bit every day. I don’t really have word goals on a daily basis. I decided this year that the book would come however it came, and that in reality the most I expect from myself is forward motion. I did 5k on that first Sunday and then picked at it for the rest of the week. During the second week, I worked on the WiP for two days. Just two. I wrote more material during the second week, but I worked on it for fewer days, and in my head that became getting less done.

I’m a spurt-writer. I get bored, I get restless, I get hung up on details, I get distracted. I have other things to write and read and work on, and I move on to them. My goal is to at least channel that distraction to continue forward. If not on the book, then on stories, and if not on stories then on essays, etc. So far, it’s been successful.

Know your strengths and use them to work around your weakness.

I’m going to get a small notebook to track wordage. I was going to do a file, but I work on two different stations, so a paper book will work better/be easier.

Writing, and editing, makes me happy. My knitting has suffered neglect, and I almost miss it, but not quite yet. Plus, socks are scary.


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