Currently Reading and on being in love

Last weekend Beth and I ventured to our local university and renewed our library access there. The ability to do this — for local, non-student or faculty residences to have access to the University of Oregon’s library — is a major factor in our living here and part of why I am hopelessly in love with the city. I’m not ashamed to say that it will be one of the things that I’d miss the most if we ever move.

Apparently, it had been some time since we’d gone, and we both walked the stacks with our mouths hanging open. “Why did we stop coming?” she’d ask. Five minutes later I’d say, “Why has it been so long?”

I came home with an assortment of books to read or reread: Sacred Marriage in the Rituals of Greek Religion was a new find, Human Sacrifice in Ancient Greece was also an unexpected find. Ancient Greek Cults is a reread. There was also a book or two on Linear B, and Womens Work, finally. This is the book that drove me to stop putting the renewal off.

Naturally, when I got home with this treasure trove I picked up Bitten By Moonlight and started reading that, instead. And, I’m quite loving it, so that works.

In love with the libraries, in love with the books. I’m also in love with my various projects going on.

For over a year, I’ve been trying to get one particular book up and running. It’s been hell. I’m still very excited about the plans for the book, I still believe in the story, and I do feel that the approach I have now is The One that will work. But, there’s all this baggage and associations of failure tacked on now. My current WiP is a different book altogether, and I’m rediscovering what it’s like to be head over heels in love without the associated angst. It’s pretty awesome. My plans for this one extend to having the rough draft done in four months or so. Nothing hard and fast. It’s good to have the joy back. Minor headaches when the voices are reluctant, but they want the tale told, mostly, so it’s working.


8 thoughts on “Currently Reading and on being in love

  1. lykeiaofapollon

    I definently miss having access to a university library. I may very well look into when I get down to Orlando since I do believe that they have a university there 🙂 And it sounds like you got some great finds! I actually found some pretty good free ebooks that are history books I can’t wait to jump into 🙂

    1. Jolene Post author

      gah, I can’t even imagine the moving you do! It makes me tired just remembering the move we did. It’d be great if you could get access there. I know not all universities do it, though they ought to!

  2. Beth

    Access to the university library really is one of the absolute best things about living here; I can get my hands on texts I only heard about (and dreamed of) before.

  3. Lyra Rose

    I so need to get back to my local library. I miss it. But a new Half-Price Books went in close to me and it’s actually more convenient than the library. Plus there is are TWO Goodwills nearby where I can BUY books for UBER CHEAP.

  4. Soli

    Yeah, for anyone unaware, you can get this access from any public university library in your state. For FREE too! 🙂

    1. Jolene Post author

      Really? I didn’t know that. That’s actually kinda awesome. I thought Eugene was spectacularly special. Well, it is, but more so, I mean. Heh, here’s to hoping the libraries are aware of this. Some places in Mass., I have to wonder. . .

      1. Soli

        I’m sure they know, but it’s not likely something they’d advertise. You can also use private university collections, but I know the one I work for charges people for stack use during the day and you can’t check out materials. But you can get in at least and look at materials.

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