The good news is . . .

When I get this down, it’ll be a cinch to convert the other books over to Kindle. Right? Right???

*crosses fingers* The preview, once again, looked good — better, even, than it had before, and so now, waiting again.

In other good news the give-away issues have shipped and should arrive this week. I suppose I should put some thought into how that’s going to go?

Over 6k into the new project and I have a new editing project lined up. (I make it sound like it’s work and thus it’s responsible of me, right? Honing the editing craft. Right? Right??


4 thoughts on “The good news is . . .

  1. firefly124

    The ex-PR ex-marketer in me wants to suggest that you send at least one of your give-away copies to the arts/features/whoever-does-book-reviews-section of whatever the main local newspaper is there and one to the largest nearby college/university newspaper. Depending on how many you have to play with and what other plans you may have, maybe even a long-shot like the LA Times (which I’m guessing is the biggest paper on that coast) for good measure. Reviews are some of the best advertising you can get. Alternately, giving a sample copy to small local booksellers can also be a useful strategy, because even if they go ahead and sell that one (which they shouldn’t, but might very well do), that’ll tell them it’s an item that will sell, prompting them to order some more for stock.

    Yeah, you can take the girl out of PR and marketing but …

    Good luck with the Kindle-ing!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hee! The next batch of them that I buy, next month, are going to our weekly newspaper. I’m also planning to call up some of the indy local stores to see if they want some copies, and I’m going to donate a copy or two to the library, if they’ll take it. I’ve got plans, they just have to happen a few copies at a time. 🙂


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