Erm, maybe not?

I apparently did the indentation wrong, so while the Kindle version is up, it’s not actually up. I wish they’d let you preview the whole thing before they released it, rather than just parts. Also, it looks awful on the sample on the screen (okay, not awful, but the spacing looks totally different than how it looks on Kindle) Will fiddle with it more tonight and hopefully get it under control. Don’t want to. Want to write! But I’m starting the week with over 6k on the new project and I’ve got about 10-20k more to go before I get caught up with all the scenes the characters have granted me, so I’m not worried.


2 thoughts on “Erm, maybe not?

  1. Beth

    I still reiterate my faith in this process. 🙂

    Marketing one’s work is NOT fun. But it’s necessary, and your work rocks and needs to be out there and accessible to people, so there. ;P


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