Odin Devotional

(Folks uninterested in religious stuff, feel free to skip)

Beth has announced for all and sundry her current writing project: a new Odin devotional. There are already some out there, to be sure, but, you know, it’s Odin. He sorta rocks. Granted, I’m biased: Beth also sort of rocks, and a devotional written by her for Him is pretty much gonna be the best one there is. (Like I said: biased. I’m okay with that). I’m very excited to see her take this on, and I cannot wait to see what she does (and, heh, I won’t have to). It’s gonna be great!

She’s asking what folks might like to see in such a book, so if you’ve got any questions, are curious, go take a look and give her your questions!

While you’re looking, go take a look at her other two books: Odhroerir and Water from the Well, both fiction tales inspired by Odin’s myths. (Because, again, it’s Odin, and he rocks).


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