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Did I mention yet that I love my Kindle? Because, I really, really do. I spent some time over the weekend getting free, public domain reading material, including (oh, so happy!) The American Frugal Housewife because, oh, that book is fun reading. I also bought a copy of Thunderbird Fallsby C.E. Murphy. I’d read the first in this series, and I rather love it thus far. Even with making gods villians. I like the mingling of different pantheons (Coyote on one side, Cernunnos and Herne on the other), having the Wild Hunt featured in books works for me, and that she can write about Coyote and Celtic gods in a book and not feel the need to say, “but they’re different, the Celtic gods are essentially faeries and the Native gods are essentially spirits,” as if that isn’t just splitting hairs at that point, makes me happy. So far, book two is not disappointing me. I may get more into why I like this series so much, but that could happen here or at my other blog, because it will certainly delve into the more esotericy bits of my life.

This weekend I also finished up The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making which I adored. Reviews coming this weekend.

The library trip was successful, too. I came home with The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer, The Fires Beneath the Sea by Lydia Millet, because I’m a sucker for these sorts of adventure stories — go figure, right? She’s got a villian in here, the Pouring Man, that reminds me of drowned ghost stories, and now I want to play with that myself. So much writing to do!

I’m hopping back and forth between Fires Beneath the Sea and Thunderbird Falls, as well as Plato’s Apology. Because, I love my Kindle and its ability to allow me to read public domain books for free while not having to carry them around with me and confine me to that particular book even after the mood passes.

What’s everyone else reading these days?


3 thoughts on “Currently Reading

  1. lykeiaofapollon

    I am currently loading new stuff on my ereader. I did start reading The Boeotians though, and I have another looks really interesting called the Cults of Campania…both older out of print books that I got for free. Not to mention of bunch of fiction…alot from my favorite mystery writer Agatha Christie 🙂 I am hoping to find another favorite writer Heather Graham with ebooks available!


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