Writing Goals for 2012

If you’ve been reading this blog for a bit, you’ll remember that I’ve talked about writing goals before. Including my insane plan to have book 1 of my serial WiP written in three months. This might not have been insane, if I didn’t decide to start this in October. October isn’t just October in our household; it’s the start of the busiest time of our religious calendar, though we also: buried a beloved family member (eff you, Samhain!), dealt with an on-again, off-again illness of another, wanted to get a book print ready, wanted to get a business up and going, and had to keep working full time, during the busiest retail time of the year, too. I’ve already detailed why that all went wrong. Yes, we can totally plan for a multitude of lengthy time commitments without skimping back on anything else. Yes, of course. Or, you know. Not so much.

The serial is still pressing on me, but the first book is one I’ve gone back and forth with, for a few years now, and the weight of supposed failure is too much. So, my present to myself for 2012? Is to shelf it and work on something else, that will be fun and wonderful. I want the storytelling to be magical and wonderful; it can be work during the editing process. If I can promise myself that my first pair of knitting socks can be utterly unwearable and horrid, then I can promise myself some fun writing!

My goal, at this point, is to just keep doing it, to develop the practice, to get words out, material out. That seems simple enough, right? Of course, I still want to get that rough draft done in ~ 4 months or so, it’s just a different rough draft.Must keep writing. There are too many stories to tell!

In the coming months, I do hope to have Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales out in a Kindle edition (it can’t be as scary as it seems, surely?) and a surprise addition to the blog (you’ll just have to wait and see) Before February is here there will be a giveaway for a couple copies of the paperback, so stay tuned for that.

My goals seem fairly reasonable, yes? Not nearly as insane as they did in October.


4 thoughts on “Writing Goals for 2012

  1. Beth

    I think they sound a lot more reasonable! And I’m glad you’re giving yourself a break–not from writing itself, but from a project that has been the source of so much angst, 🙂


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