So . . . we have cats.

. . . and when they jump onto the brownie pan, this is what happens.

At least it had cooled.

And there was a tea towel over them, because naturally it was our raging sinus issues kitty who did the jumping. You can tell because the prints are dainty and did not displace the brownies upon landing.


8 thoughts on “So . . . we have cats.

    1. Jolene Post author

      I was laughing so hard when I discovered it. Any of the boys would have had the pan banging to the floor. I lifted the towel and was all, “I didn’t lean on them, did I? Oh, wait, there’s toe-prints . . . no snot though, so that’s good.”

    1. Jolene Post author

      I’m sure she’d love to see you!! She’s doing so much better in the new place — she’s even got a teeny belly, now that she’s discovered that she loves food. She eats berries! And cat food! and sometimes raw potato . . . And she’s way less snotty than she used to be, though still snottier than healthy, non-inbred kitties typically are. And she is, as always, incredibly sweet.

      1. Soli

        I know, I know, I need to come visit her. Still working on my (nefarious) plot to move west and hopefully it will happen this year.!

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