Well, then.

I wish I could say that my recent absence had everything to do with being engrossed in my latest project, but alas. Instead it was all about the Christmas holiday and having a house guest for two weeks. Beth’s daughter was out, and we discovered a few things, one of which being that boy, our little apartment sure is small with three grown women in it. Also, as a general rule, Travelocity is made of utter fail when it comes to acting as a travel agency. Both the trip out and back were a nightmare for her, they did nothing at all to help, cost more money than was originally stated and paid for up front, and their customer service is deplorable. The other big lesson we learned is that, Beth and I, and her daughter, are in two different places come Christmas time, with our needs. Beth and I both work customer service. We don’t celebrate Christmas, we celebrate Yule, which is roughly the same time, though it’s a longer holiday (we celebrate a Heathen Yule as opposed to more Wiccan Yule)Her daughter is still in college *and* her birthday is at the Solstice, so Christmas break is vacation and birthday all at the same time, so she’s all happy and squee!! We, meanwhile, are all, make it shop make it stop and resentful that this year we were utterly run ragged and our religious observations showed that.

And still, we managed to not kill one another. The visit consisted mostly of watching TV shows and visiting — we watched the available episodes of A Game Of Thrones (which, once I got over them making Tyrion pretty I fell in love with all over again and really just want to reread the books, again. Again.) and The Walking Dead, with a few episodes of Jericho tossed in for good measure. I’m tempted to say that my knitting stopped, except I did a face cloth, finished two more, and did 1/2 of my first sock. Stopped at the heel turning because my brain power wasn’t on, after work, for those weeks. It’s rather like when I moan about not getting any writing work done, except I’ve actually written constantly.

I haven’t, however, worked on any writing, since she arrived. She’s only been gone for two days (three, actually, today as today is Saturday, but as I type it’s barely Saturday yet, so it doesn’t count). I’ve thought about various projects all the while, and by the time her visit wound to its end I was gnashing my teeth to get back to it. It’s fine — again, no brain power, and by Christmas proper even speaking after work was hard, so it’s really no sacrifice on my part. But, now she’s gone and our daily routine has reasserted itself, and I’m excited to get back to work.

And somehow, during all this, it became 2012, which will never cease to blow my mind.


3 thoughts on “Well, then.

    1. Jolene Post author

      I’ve actually already started. ;o) It depends on when the tax refund gets here — I want early March, but it’ll likely be in April. *poke* Plenty of time to make the bedroom sleep-able. 😉


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