Bitten By Moonlight?

So, last week, I came home to a surprise delivery from — Bitten by Moonlight, an anthology of four novellas about lesbian werewolves.

I did not purchase this book. Double-checking with my amazon account and my bank account assure me that 1-click did not join forces with my open-happy netbook and conspire to surprise me with this order.

The only other person I could think of who might have sent it along did not buy the book for me.

I don’t recall entering in any giveaways, and I haven’t given anyone my address . . . so, I’m confused. So . . . uh. Anyone here know anything about it?


One thought on “Bitten By Moonlight?

  1. firefly124

    Oh, Amazon totally sucks at the gift thing! It’s from me. *facepalm* There was *meant* to be a note/card/something in there saying as much. Anyway, I hope you like it.


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