Reading again!

The downside of knitting for months on end, with knitting deadlines, is that my reading time pretty much disappears. This is sad. Happily, this week I was able to pick up the book I’d started last month and actually make headway into it. Neptune’s Ark was everything the reviewers on said it would be — interesting, but lacking in plates of relevant fossils with longwinded, lengthy digressions regarding the political environment of early paleontology which. Because I’m that sort of curious person, I waded through that quaigmire and was mostly rewarded. The book is a journey through the past 500 million years of marine evolution on in the Pacific Northwest, and it was incredibly interesting . . . until we hit the 1500s and the introduction of not just modern humans but worse, modern European explorers. Not that I can be too upset about their journies to here, or I wouldn’t be able to live here, likely, and I love this place. It’s just . . . compared to saber-toothed salmon and discourse about the evolution of baleen whales and wondering how various sirenians traveled from equatorial areas to here, and why they died out when there so many, and how terrible and fascination the past epochs had to have been . . . humans are boring. Homo sapien sapiens even more so.

It feels so good to be reading again!


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