Must . . . keep . . . knitting . . .

Friday came and withit came disaster. Well, realization of disaster. Well, realization of lapse in brain power.

This holiday season in Knitted Gift season for some of my loved ones (mhuaha). For the nephews this includes scarves. I finished the one for the youngest one — a simple pattern — and set it aside. I picked up the yarn for the next youngest one — they are both under ten — and proceeded to make it into a wide adult width. Saturday, I started over. I have two scarves, and about two weeks so that I can finish them, attach fringe, box them up, and ship of the Box of Gifties to the family across the continent.

I’m not freaking out. I am glad I didn’t decide to do socks.

Yesterday, we gained an addition to our household, and I’m happy to say that I am, indeed, a fiber-arts enabler. Hopefully Beth’ll be posting about it soon.

Still waiting for the proof copy of Fairy Queen to get here. Once Knitapalooza is over I can get back to serious writing. WiP awaits.

Finished Grace in the Desert this weekend and am moving on to other books. Will review it, but I’m not sure if here or the other blog is more appropriate. May do it in both places. It was thought-provoking and entertaining, though at some points repetitive.

Gah. Must. Knit.


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