See what happens when I take the pressure off? I get shit done! It’s amazing.

Yesterday I spent a whole huge chunk of my time fiddling with the file and to get Fairy Queen print-worthy. I was tempted to just so okay — the formatting looked decent, I got all my edits in, the placement was correct — but I decided one more galley copy now that the cover is done and all. There is one teeny thing I’m less than thrilled about, and I may or may not gird my loins and wage into battle with Word over it, but all and all, I’m pleased. Still have to toss up a description at and then see about getting folks to review it locally and carry it locally, but that’ll be more fun than print-ready formatting. When I decide to self-pub novels again (and I might, though I have hopes for mainstream acceptance with the WiP, which I’m interested in primarily because I want someone else to do the work for me, and a teeny bit because I still want to be a Real Writer(tm) though I know that is a hold-over) I’m very likely going to pay someone to do this part of it for me. Possibly will bribe Beth, but I don’t really want to take her away from her projects, either.

I also spent an hour and a half at our local library, browsing and, obstensibly, researching. In reality, this means that I picked up a copy of Atlas of Oregon so I can pin down where the WiP takes place — I’m considering a made up town west of Salem and Corvalis, kind of between the two, still in the Willamette Valley, because I need the town to not be snowbound, as the book starts is winter. Soggy, not snowbound. I may or may not have lost myself for a few hours reading about the geological history of the land. I certainly did not lose myself reading about the different soil compositions throughout the state. Only a complete nerd would do that. *snif*

I also snagged Neptune’s Ark: From Icthyosaurs to Orcas. Yes, the title jumped out at me, and maybe I am a nerd after all. But at least I’m a widely read nerd? Because I also grabbed Medieval Home Companion, which I was sad to learn was not a complete translation of the original (well, copy of the original) 1393 treatise written by an older husband to his younger wife to help instruct her on, heh, keeping home. She did ask him for instruction, and it’s tender and sweet and quaint. This particular edition omits most of the sections on religious duty and piety, which is a shame. I’m hoping our local university library has a copy. Why would you take that out? People can skip it, and you miss a whole bunch of nuances if you separate history from history. Religion and the church was such a huge part of life, especially for the mid-to-upper classes. Sad.

Managed to also get, and laugh a lot over, Northwest Basic Training which was quite hilarious.

Still plodding through Grace in the Desert, Listening for Coyote and there’s another title whose name escapse me and I’m far too lazy to go look.

Stayed home today with breathing issues, will get some knitting done. I’m making progress. It’s easier when one’s goals are realistic. And when, you know, you aren’t too busy beating yourself up for failure. Who knew?


2 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Dani

    See? Failure is a bad, dirty word that should be stricken from the English language… perhaps. What I have found interesting about the concept of failure, is that it is entirely dependent upon one’s definition of success. So, when I am struggling with the F-word myself, I try to take a step back and consider my standards for success, much like you did. Are they reasonable and realistic? Are they necessary or required? And above all else, I refuse to judge my self-worth based on other peoples’ definition of success. Their definition may be well and fine for them, but I’m the only person living my life, and so my definition is the only one that matters to me.

    Kudos to you on your recent progress, and your library trip. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad to hear how you did not, under no circumstances, lose yourself reading about soil compositions. Now, where did I put that definition of nerd again? I know I had it lying around here somewhere…. ;-p


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