Fensalir Fiber Shameless Plug!

It’s done!

No, not Fairy Queen (see Do You NaNoWriMo for more on that) and not even the first 25k for the WiP. However, it is the most (or second most, depending on how into my own stuff I am at the time) exciting project that’s been going on in my life for the last month or so. I bring you my partner’s brand-spanking new wool and yarn goodness etsy store, Fensalir Fiber!. Go look and be awed and amazed at the colors!

For those not in the know, aside from sharing our home with our cats and our dog, we are graced with the presence of our lovely spinning wheel (and muse – she’s directly responsible for the story that I worked on today that is not the WiP). Our home is sparsely furnished: bookcase, desks, mattresses on the floor, a sewing machine, shrines, scratching posts . . . and a small corner I call our Anachronistic Corner, complete with the vintage spinning wheel that is a few years older than me. She’s Beth’s tool, I’m less than a baby spinner at best, but I’m the troubleshooting gal when things go wrong, so I feel a bit of connection with their projects, too, in some distance, twenty-times removed sort of way. (I come after the sheep and the goats and the folks raising the sheep and the goats, etc).

I’m digressing. Beth has been working tirelessly since acquiring our – um, her. Her wheel – during the summer, teaching herself how to spin consistent quality yarn, how to ply, how to use a niddy noddy (I helped!), how to wash and finish the yarns, how to dye them, how to dye roving, and so on. Our utility closet quickly became our fiber closet, and it’s no longer a viable solution for knitting projects so much as a storage place for fiber- or yarn-in-progress. (FiP? YiP?) Opening the door, one is faced with a veritable wall of fiber, ready to come crashing down, and the only saving grace is that, well, it’s fiber.

I’m quite proud of her. I love that she’s got something she’s consistently excited about, like I am with my writing, even when she’s not actually at the wheel. It’s something that pulls her back, even after it’s all gone horribly wrong, and all the roving has turned to felt, and the dye color doesn’t take. It’s a bit like when all the files crash, and nothing uploads the way it was supposed to and the formatting is all gone and I’m never doing it again!!! Oh, wait, let me just . . . .

I’m hoping her store does well; her yarn is insanely gorgeous. (I’m biased, but as I often say, that doesn’t actually make me wrong) If you knit, or if you know any knitters, or if you just like handmade things, you need to go and check it out. I wish there was a ‘touch me’ browsing option.

No, really. Go look. Now.

Also, I totally needle-felted that mushroom. Just sayin’. . .


4 thoughts on “Fensalir Fiber Shameless Plug!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Needle feltig is awesome! *stabstabstabstabbitystab* Ta-da! It’s a shape!

      Her yarn blows me away. It keeps looking all professional and real. I’ve definitely joined the ranks of folks for whom ‘wool’ is about as descriptive as ‘book.” Well, yes, it’s wool, but is it Merino? Polwarth? Southdown? Navajo-Churro? Is it soft? Scratchy? Long or short stapled?

      Some of those colors came from Kool-Aid!


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