Life, Writing, Rain

Here it is, October 16th, and nary a copy of Fairy Queen to be had. and I got into fisticuffs during the week, and won. I limped away to lick my wounds and consider my next step.

Originally, Lulu’s appeal as a place to package was: they created an ebook at the same time. And this is still good, yes? The problem I had with them is pretty much just me. I’d forgotten, and so I created an ebook file to work on so I could at least see that, and all the time was wasted because, lo, there is one with the book itself. Our Internet connection in our new place is not nearly as constant as it was when we lived across the city. It’s not horrendous, but it’s noticable when one is trying to do that sort of work. On top of that, we’ve got a Netbook, and the Netbook likes to install updates when and where it wants to, and then close and reboot randomly, and . . . There may have been tantrums and crying jags last week. I’m not saying there was, I’m only saying there might have been.

My dear friend Juli, upon listening to my woes, said, “Why don’t you release it on Createspace, Smashwords, and Kindle?” Three different places, entirely (or, two, I guess) but . . . why don’t I? I have no problem with’s books — I have a few, they look nice enough — but I’ve liked the Createspace books just as much.

I’m learning, though! I’m remembering why my deadlines are generally relaxed — the WiP is way behind where I wanted to be in it, but I can’t have those goals and release date goals and work 42+ hour work weeks at the day job. And there’s something else: I work retail. What the heck am I thinking, having all these projects going during our busy season? I get home and my brain is fried. Words? HA! I tried, though, and working a 9-10 hour day and coming home and working 2 hours on stuff and getting nothing for it? Makes me resentful. “If this is what writing is, I don’t want to do it! I want to WRITE!!”

It’s a process. Going forward, I know that: the formatting tasks will be relegated to the weekend, so that when I get to the point where I want to pull my hair out, I will still have time to stop and relax with something I enjoy like reading and not have to go to bed to get up in six hours and go to the day job; the weeknights are for the fun parts of the job: writing and reading (and knitting! Knitting helps the stories to steep); my deadlines need to be flexible, and so, they are.

Fairy is looking at a November release, now. I’m still half-thinking about keeping my WiP goal of 75k word draft by January 1st. I have time to make up the content loss of October and the 84 hours of work that ate my brain. I’m learning, with my partner, that when I set Big Goals for my projects, I need to check in with her (and vice versa) to be sure that they do not conflict with Big Goals set by her — one of us needs to be able to carry the caretaking jobs while the spends herself on her craft(s).

It’s a process. Processes are good.


4 thoughts on “Life, Writing, Rain

  1. lykeiaofapollon

    I used createspace myself for my book and in many ways got along better with it than I did with Lulu for the poetry books I had put through them. It seems I understood how do things better (such as helping me out making my cover design) with them than with Lulu. Let us all know when it is up hon!

    1. Jolene Post author

      I’m realizing that my issue with createspace previously was (or was most likely) a reluctance to deal with PDFs (on my part, not theirs), but, well. I just received a copy of Scribing Ibis and I like the feel of the book better than I like the feel of’s books, and so . . . I dunno. Not dealing with it until my, erm, “vacation” week. i’ll certainly keep you posted. 🙂

  2. meditativedishwashing

    I enjoyed reading this because, though I don’t live there anymore, I also spent much time writing and being enchanted by (and rain-upon in) Eugene. (I lfeft in 2002). Inspiring to discover those self-published gems, and know of authors such as yourself who do what it takes to be amongst the venerable Published. Best publishing wishes~

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thank you! My partner and I are ridiculously in love with this city. (The soggy dog? Not so much)

      I still struggle with the stigma against self-publishing. I’m always defaulting toward being apologetic about it. “It’s a great little book, even though it’s self published,” etc. I worked hard, I have a decent editing background (though I will admit I am just human!) and I know I’m not just writing it and tossing it out for mass consumption, and that has to count for something. I certainly don’t discount other peoples’ work for having been self-published, so I dunno why I do it to myself. Why should we allow other people to decide what should be available to us for reading consumption? Some days, I really love the Internet and our technologies.


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