Drip, drip, drop, little October showers . . .

Not a very book-ish title, but what can you do? It’s raining, the summer is officially over, it’ll be a good seven months before we see the sun again, and I’m ecstatic! (Okay we may see the sun again, in small spurts, but I can handle that). Rain in the morning makes morning tea more enjoyable, allows me to eat oatmeal, allows me to ease gently into the day. It does take away my ability to knit or read while waiting for the bus, which may end up encouraging me to walk halfway to work instead, so it could be a win-some, lose-some situation, that. Rain! Huzzah!!

(I miss, briefly, New England winters. My beloved family will remind me, in the months to come, that I don’t, in fact, miss New England winters at all.)

My birthday has come and gone, and to celebrate? I bought books, of course! It required ordering, because apparently Barnes and Noble can no longer be expected to actually have books in stock. “We can order it for you.” Well, thank you, but the whole perk of having a megabookstore was, I thought, to have megabookoptions, but alas, no. So, I ordered the books I wanted via a local indy bookseller, as such places are the only places to be counted on to have books. Rows and ROWS of them, in fact, stuffed cheek by jowel on the shelves, and piled up in towers along the floor. Oh, joy, oh, rapture, oh sweet divinity! Sometimes I wonder if I could get by not living in a college town. Some days (we’ll call them game days) I desperately wonder what the heck we’re doing here, still. Heh.

What books? I bought Shadowborn and Lightborn both by Alison Sinclair. I discovered the first of the trilogy over the summer at our library. I will, at some point, buy the first book too, but for now i’ve got it out and waiting for me so I can reread it before I read the rest, and I intend to review them as I go, because I really loved the first book.

At the library today I also picked up: Alanna: The First Adventure as a read-outloud book for the dog and us. They’re short enough to not be daunting, and I adore Tamora’s books, and I’ll never get Beth to read them on her own, and so, it came home with us; Sister Wife by Diane Noble, which was unexpected. What the heck is a polytheist doing reading a fictional Mormon book? At first glance it looks like a story of a woman who travels far from everything she knows to live an unorthodox lifestyle with religion as a focus, and it doesn’t seem to matter what the clothing that tale is dressed in, I find it incredibly interesting. But then, anything that isn’t the norm, the expected, the pattern, is interesting to read about. And we discovered The Ship in the Hill and it’s a local author, wohooo! But, more importantly: viking ships! That will be coming to live with us, and soon.

That’s it for now. WiP is underway in earnest, and my reading time will be seriously cut into (nooooooooooooooooo!!) and it’s exciting and scary and wonderful. Still, going to look at and bring home stacks of books, even if I don’t get to do more than peek at them, is soothing.

What are y’all currently reading?


9 thoughts on “Drip, drip, drop, little October showers . . .

  1. Dani

    So I just finished The Night Angel trilogy by Brian Weeks. I really loved the first book. By the end of book 3 I had mixed emotions. I almost forgave him for completely ripping off Robert Jordan (the magic users “embrace” the power, they form weaves, there’s a nation-less army that dresses all in white and hates all things magical… there’s even an all female group of magic users that live in a big tower surrounded by waterways and bridges). When book 3 concluded with the theme of Love Conquers All, and I realized I was rereading the end of the Harry Potter series, I was pretty disappointed with Mr. Weeks creative vision. It’s such a shame that I can’t give this series a stronger recommendation, because it has some fantastic characters. I still enjoyed it, and recommend it as a fun read, but only if you are tolerant of rehashing some ideas and themes.
    Have you read Ted Dekker’s Circle Series? He’s been branded somewhat as a Christian author, but he denies that label. The Circle Series is definitely Christian themed, well, more old testament than new, but I found the writing style and story line really unique and interesting. You know that’s saying a lot from someone who typically shuns religion in any form. 😉 I would be curious to hear your reflections on it!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hee, I don’t know you, who are you, I’ll never respond to your comment!!

      In fairness, Jordan used some pretty common termonology with his approaching-magic-terms. I’ve read a ton of books talking about weaving magic, and embracing makes sense, and . . . well. Stuff. You know. Still, it seems like a series to avoid, so thank you for that.

      Finally getting to check out Ted Dekker’s Circel series and I like enough of what I see to get it from the library so I can read it. (I love our library system). Christian theme is not a bad thing for me. There’s a LOT of fodder to be had there, and if the writer handles it badly, then at least I’ll be less invested in the belief system and will have less of a chance of being offended. (will NOT talk about Artemis as evil, deviant sex-vixen-villian. Will. Not.) So, at least there is that.

  2. lykeiaofapollon

    I am on the last book of the M.Y.T.H books by Robert Asprin that my brother lent me. Those have been my brain candy lately lol. Over the last few weeks I havebeen reading through his collection. I have also been slowly working through Plato’s Dialogues still. Lately I have had less time to read though since I have had a million other things I am trying to get done 🙂

    1. Jolene Post author

      Aaah, nonfiction. I’ve been in such a happy fiction glut lately. Happily, but I almost feel guilty about it. (Only almost). In a few months we’ll have our access to the university’s library back, though, and that’ll be good times. Oh, the hours lost in that place . . . .

    1. Jolene Post author

      I keep picking up Moning’s books at the bookstore and setting them down again. I need to see if my library has the first book. The latest one seems nice and thick. Do you enjoy them? I keep forgetting to check out Laurel K. Hamilton’s series’ progress, so thanks for the reminder.

      1. Aj / Melia

        I enjoyed the Fever series as I couldn’t predict where it was going which is rather rare for me.

        I enjoy Laurel Hamilton’s books but her last two books in the Anita series have rather disappointed me. Both of them had this huge build up just to suddenly end the book tidily in a couple of paragraphs. Both of the books left me me going “WTF!” Huge build up to…well nothing. It is almost like she got bored with the story so just ended it. Very disappointing.

  3. Beth

    I’m currently torn between Wolfsangel, which is a pretty awesome Viking era werewolf story, and Fairy Tale Rituals, one of my surprise library finds which is turning out to be MUCH better than I had expected. I’m starting to wish we hadn’t given away our copy of the Beast and the Blonde, as fairy tales seem to be becoming an increasing obsession with me…


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