What do you know? Books!

The library trip this week yielded both Inkheart and The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke, and we brought back the awful book we’d been trying to read to the dog. (Okay. Maybe not awful, but not up our alley at all, despite the elves). My current WiP has me researching death and dying rites for a few different religions, including Islam, which naturally leads me to books like Nine Parts of Desire and The Muslim Next Door and Kabul Beauty School, because religious-and-social customs fascinate me, and the topic of religious veiling intrigues me, and people living religiously, regardless of what that religion is (so, I guess I’m really looking at how one lives with a focus on religion in our largely secular society) is fascinating. (Hey, I told you up front: I’m a voyeur). The new WiP also sent me poking around car blue books, primitive camping topics, and other assorted, not at all related at first glance stuff. I love beginning project research! Yippee!

Books I’m currently craving: Portals of Power: Magical Agency and Transformation in Literary Fantasy and the second two books in the Darkborn Trilogy by Alison Sinclair. I need to reread the first and do a proper review, because I adored it tremendously.

So, are there any books you’re currently drooling over?


5 thoughts on “What do you know? Books!

  1. lykeiaofapollon

    Surprisingly not so much…yet. I have been having too much fun downloading free old books from googlebooks…sometimes I think that they have enough religious texts to get me entertained for the rest of my mortal life 😉 That said for brain junk food I have been reading Robert Asprin’s MYTH series which is alot of fun, I haven’t read it in years.

  2. H.E. ELLIS

    Since I sort of “trashed” Catcher in The Rye on a review post I decided it might be good for my karma to give it another try.


    I’ll let you know when I change my mind.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Catcher is actually one of the few that I read on my own for ‘fun’, so don’t change your mind for my behalf! After trying to get through some classics just because they’re classics I realized that that was stupid. 🙂

  3. Beth

    Two of the books I want most (both about art spinning, surprisingly) don’t come out til December. However, I do want the Witch’s Book of the Dead (which comes out in October–so, soon!) as well as a new formulary of oils and such that’s out both in print and Kindle.

    Yeah, I’m sorta predictable.


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