Oh my Word

Done done done, the edits are done! Cover art, and then one more galley and then a release. So far the tenative date is looking good. Meanwhile, I think I finally have the whole formatting page numbers thing down, with Word, but why oh why aren’t all the fields of information one needs to tweak it just so located in *one* place? Why must I got to file –> page set up and format –> page numbers and insert –> section break? More importantly, why must I always forget the proper order of things when it comes time to do it again?

In the next few weeks: an excerpt.

In the meantime, what writing software do you use? What’s been your favorite?


12 thoughts on “Oh my Word

  1. firefly124


    Mostly, I use Open Office these days. Not giving Microsquish any more money. I’ve tried to use Ywriter, which looks like it should be great, but it requires a more planned approach to really work, I think.

  2. H.E. ELLIS

    The page number thing was a nightmare for me. I’m still not sure how I did it. I thought I would be excited about the cover art on my book but once I got there I froze, not sure what to do. I’m glad to see you’re more together than I was!

  3. J.D.

    Woohoo!!!! Glad to hear it. Can’t wait to read it!!! 🙂 So, my favorite writing software? Pen and Paper…

    alas if I could only submit my work that way, so realistically, I love my Word 2000. There is nothing better.

  4. lykeiaofapollon

    I do everything in Microsoft Word. It is what I learned, what I am familiar with and I am a little too set in my ways to consider learning something else LOL. I am not a computer whizz like other members of my family so the very idea of learning new software is enough to send me into a panic attack lol.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Just this past week I discovered I could turn on a button and see all my spacing marked with dots. Which is awesome, since I learned to type on a typewriter and I still have a wicked hard time not double space-bar-ing after the terminal punctuation of a sentence. Wicked, wicked hard. I need to explore the other tools. I pretty much open Word and write. I’m happy when I remember the find and replace with tool.

      1. Dani

        Why shouldn’t we double space after terminal sentence punctuation? I still do it, too, but I never knew I shouldn’t anymore…

      2. Jolene Post author

        need to check comments more. I don’t even get notifications. Well, I do, if I’d bother to sign into that email account. do i think to? HA! Most fonts on these new fangled computers make the double space obsolete — they take care of the need for it all on their own with their formatting. It likely doesn’t matter unless one is submitting work to be published — I still do it in email and posting and, heh, in my writing. It’s one extra step to take it out, is all.

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