And while we’re at it: Books!

Last Saturday we picked up more books from the library, including books to read out loud (which, upon the dog’s release, we’ve actually not been doing a whole lot). I remember fondly reading The Dark is Rising Sequence back in high school (not for high school; I didn’t go to that sort of high school) and adoring it, so I snagged the first book, hoping to share the awesomeness with Beth. Originally published in 1973, and a Brit book at that, one naturally expects the book to be dated and colloquial. However, even while bearing that in mind? Good golly, The Dark is Rising is an awful book for reading outloud! We were laughing far too hard to gleen anything from the story and I had to stop before my fond memories were destroyed by harsh reality. I’ll keep those rose-tinted glasses, thanks.

So, we’re listening to The Mistress of the Art of Death and I’m crushing on Simon, and we’re reading Lucy and the Greenman and if you haven’t yet, you need to. I happened upon this one on accident a few months back and I’m so glad I did. It is wonderful and whimsical and a tad dark and absolutely perfect and where were these books when I was that age? Why was I stuck with Sweet Valley High crap? (Well, I wasn’t actually stuck with them, which is why I started reading Stephen King and V.C. Andrews — only for real, before she died, before most of “her” books were written, note the lack of trademark after the name, thanks) and Dean Koontz so young, so I could skip that crap, but I digress). I love this book so much that I’m forcing Beth and the dog to listen to it, even if Lucy isn’t a boy. (Dog’s got his preferences, you know). If you like the mythical fiction even at all a little bit, you need to check this book out. It is easily one of my favorite reads this year.

Once again, what are you currently reading?


10 thoughts on “And while we’re at it: Books!

  1. firefly124

    I’ve just finished Volume Three of Daron’s Guitar Chronicles by Cecilia Tan and am about midway through Fireflies by Ally Blue. Fireflies is probably more up your street than DGC, as it’s fantasy. Cecilia Tan’s Magic University series is also awesomeness that I think you’d enjoy though.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Ooooh, that one was a good one! We may even reread that one aloud now that we realize our dog enjoys Storytime. (He’s going to end up with his own bookshelf, I just know it . . . ) Gaiman’s got some great stuff.

  2. J.D.

    I’m currently almost done with Dragon Haven by Robin Hobb and just about to start Cast-Off Coven by Juliet Blackwell, and possibly Game of Thrones. πŸ™‚ But you knew that…hehe

    1. Jolene Post author

      I’m telling you, you can totally wait with GRRM books . . . I adored them, until Feast, but they’re sooooo long in coming. So, it’s not like there’s a rush or anything.

  3. Danielle Drury

    Hey lady πŸ™‚ Recently I finished The Hunger Games trilogy, and most recently read The Way of Shadows, by Brent Weeks (bought it on my Kindle because it was $1.99 – one day only sale. I’ve already bought the rest of the trilogy, book 1 was pretty good).
    Also, I have high hopes that we might see a speedier release pace for GRRM. He does, after all, at least have to keep pace with the HBO series! Love it love it love it… Long live Tyrion Lannister. Peter Dinklage is the man.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Oh my goodness, you! YOU!! Happy happy!!! You sorta rock. Yay! I haven’t seen any of the HBO series yet, though I pitched fits when our book vendor folks decided to put in books 2-4 of the series as a tie in, in our store. “But . . . but . . .where’s book 1??!” Terrible merchandizing. We currently adore Kindle for PC, until we can get an actual Kindle. So many books open to read now . . .

      (More importantly: YOU!!!!)

      1. Danielle Drury

        Hi! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I was waiting for you to reply… lol I am a slave to notifications, so didn’t think until today to check the blog page. πŸ™‚ Glad I did!
        I loved season 1 of GoT. They stay very true to the books, right down to the dialogue. There are some differences, but they are minor (imo). The casting has been excellent, it is just great. That’s super funny about your store. I’ve recommended to all of my work people who had only watched the show to definitely start reading the series with book 1, and they all complained about how hard it was getting through the book because it was all a re-run. lol So I guess I understand how they could decide to do that, but I don’t agree with it, dangit!
        So you should send me an e-mail or FB or whatever to catch up. I will work on that too. πŸ˜‰ Talk to you soon.

      2. Jolene Post author

        I haven’t seen the cast other than Sean Bean for Ned (which, uh, I approve, but I’ll always approve of dirty, hairy, sweaty men with swords) I was thinking, months ago, about Daenrys and her whole subplot and couldn’t for the life of me remember what series she was from (still never figured out the two boys and the man in the courtyard with the woman in the balcony, though I always go back to Feist and I wonder if it wasn’t in the books he wrote with Wurts, because I only read those the once . . . ) and that’s when I realized I might want to do a reread. um. Skipping Feast of Crows, though . . .

        Yes. email. It’ll happen! I swear! At some point . . . πŸ˜‰

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