Books and Food!

Today I ventured with my lovely partner Beth to our local farmer’s market. We had a tasty breakfast and tea at one of the cafes adjacent to the market before diving into the throng of people to hunt down some noms. With much sadness we realized the stand with the delicious velour string beans wasn’t to be found today, but then we stumbled upon some of the first apples of the season so in the end it all worked out. (And heirloom watermelon. And tomatoes. And and and and) Apples at the market signal the close of summer and the approach of all the bestest foods to be found. Our main diet staple will switch over to beef stew with root veggies in a month or so, and we will be extremely happy. Once we get the new crock pot, since the old one is being retired to dye-making.

Thinking of food and books made me recall the wonderful book I found in the springtime: Eating Close to Home. One of the things that made me adore this book so much may end up being the reason why others may not like it: it’s locally focused, so the seasons and recipes the author has in the book require pretty much no work on my part as far as synching up the availability. When she talks about what is available locally to her and when, she’s talking about what’s also available locally to me and when. Beyond that, however, I really enjoyed her recipes, and that’s hard to do. I’m an incredibly fussy eater. I don’t enjoy spicy foods. I don’t enjoy overly seasoned foods. I don’t enjoy messy foods.

One of the unfortunate down sides to living in a place with such an amazing library system is I don’t often have to buy books I want to read, but I’m certainly making room on my shelf for this one. (and supporting a local author to boot!) (also: food!)


2 thoughts on “Books and Food!

  1. lykeiaofapollon

    No farmer’s market around here, but I have noticed when things are season appropriate since that is when they are less expensive to purchase lol. Strawberries in the early summer, melons throughout summer. I rather wish I lived somewhere that had a farmer’s market. I have been to a couple back in the day such as when I was living in Arkansas, but it has been a long time.

    1. Jolene Post author

      I adore our market, though the crowd makes it difficult. Happily, there are other, more conventional markets that supply us with local produce, too. Still, next year I have designs on my own ‘maters!


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