Reckless in making me Reckless

We are roughly three quarters through Cornelia Funke’s Restless and not only is it keeping me up later at night and thus encouraging me to sleep later (and thus skip writing in the morning) but it’s taking away from my one-more-time-through-the-galley time in the evening. It’s not a huge deal since the bulk of my editing and writing gets squished into the weekends, especially during our Time of Incarceration. Once the pooch is sprung from jail and is back under my feet in the morning I’ll feel okay wandering off while my partner slumbers and dreams of sheep. Shorn sheep.

Reading out loud is fun! Who knew? It’s especially fun when I’m faced with fairies and ferryman in successive chapters and lose my ability to pronounce ferryman. Ferrymen, yes. Ferryman? Becomes fairyman. I blame being tired. Truly.

This weekend we may try for some photos to find something for the cover. I desperately want the skyline shot of Spencer’s Butte, since that’s in the title of the collection, and I feel like it’s a good center of gravity, sort of, to bind the collection together. But I guess we’ll see how that goes. I *really* want a fairy queen standing atop the butte, but she’s not very photogenic.

This weekend also promises a trip to a yarn store and to the farmer’s market, naturally. And then? Edits! Must fix files, and I’m tossing in another story that I’d totally forgotten about, and then, page number wrangling will commence. I’m still pushing for an Oct. 1st release, if I don’t remain too Reckless.


One thought on “Reckless in making me Reckless

  1. Julianne

    Herm. That is tough, ferry and fairy…Sometimes you just can’t do anything about it. *hugs* I’m sure you’ll figure it out! I have total confidence in you!


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