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Despite working many, many hours a week (thankfully that will be getting back to normal here in the next week or so) (please, gods), I have been managing to keep at my stack of books that I’m reading these days. The non-fiction reading has slowed way, way down, but I still managed to finish not only Aphrodite’s Tortoise (which I will be reviewing for Eternal Haunted Summer once I can sit and write the darned thing!) but also managed to wrap up Introduction to Roman Religion finally. Not a very meaty book to have taken me that long, but that’s in part due to the fact that the book is very state-focused and I find state-focused material a tad boring. Normally I can soldier on through — usually wanting to have read a book more than makes up for how sleep-inducing the book may actually be. See above, re: overtime.

I’m also reading Daniel Abraham’s Dagger and Coin series. I’m only on the first book, and I actually forgot I was reading it until someone on my FB feed mentioned it — again, pesky overtime! I’m so very glad they did, because I thoroughly have enjoyed what I’ve read so far. I haven’t read any of his material before, yet I slipped seamlessly into the first book of the series. There was none of that awareness that I was reading a new-to-me author that I sometimes get. I love when that happens!

I’m also picking through Aidos: the Psychology and Ethics of Honor and Shame in Ancient Greek Literature and my word, that book! So dense! Such complex sentences! There’s a saturation of word-pretzel-yoga-poses going on, and I simply love it. I’m also about five pages into it . . . I think this one is going to be slow going.

That’s my book pile right now. What are you reading?

But that’s not keeping me from continuing with it! This poor neglected blog is really suffering from both my new part time job writing (thanks to YOU!) and my spending way too much time at the day job of late! Hopefully that will be changing soon (there are books I want to talk about, writers I want to talk about, things to talk about!) In the meantime, however, I am going to remind folks that it’s not too late to sign up for this story subscription project.

A brief rundown: this is a pay what you want, $5 minimum offer, for which you will receive (in either .EPUB, .MOBI, or text) a story or story installment of at least 4,000 words. (This is roughly 8 pages). These are original, previously unpublished stories that you get to see first. The first four installments are part of a novella, primarily because I adore this novella but also because this is a new approach for me and I wanted to give myself some breathing room while I wrote more stories and had dental work done. Which is the entire reason I started this in the first place — a surprise dental bill that I do not have the means to pay otherwise. You can read all about it, as well as learn about the other offers available, here.

What’s important to know right now is even though the first four installments are part of one story, it is not too late to get involved!

I email you the installment on the first of the month, but if you’re just hearing about this or if you’re just deciding you want in, you can still sign up! Simply comment as you pay that you are purchasing the first installment, or send along $10 to receive both the first and the second installment. Please don’t forget to mention which format you prefer!

Remember, you can also pay in advance for a number of installments. Some people have opted to pay for four or six months in advance, and you can, too!

Please tell me what you’re paying for. Because this is a pay what you want offer, some people are opting to pay more for single installments. If you don’t specify what you’re buying, I’m going to assume that you’re opting to pay a bit more for the single installment.

I am blown away by the positive response this project has received. To everyone who has already opted in, thank you so very much. To everyone interested, check out some of my fiction available over at Eternal Haunted Summer and see if my style is to your taste!

By now, if you signed up for July’s installment, it should have hit your email. (I sent it out yesterday, because I didn’t think I’d have time to get things all out today. Who knew I’d have a bought of insomnia?) If you haven’t signed up yet and you wanted to, you still can! Just mention that this is for the first installment in the details, and you’ll receive the first installment instead of the second when they go out August 1st. (Or pay $10 and get caught up August 1st!)

Again, thank you to everyone whose opted to participate. Not only have you all helped to take a huge burden off my shoulders, you all have me looking at writing and distribution in new and exciting ways, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where this goes.

I’m a bit late announcing this, so mea culpa regarding that. If you haven’t already heard, Juli has released her new book Changling’s Crown.


When Ianthe began her career as a faery godmother, she stumbled so badly that Snow White will probably never speak to her again. After a long suspension, she’s finally been given a chance to redeem herself…but everything on this latest assignment is going wrong.

But why?

Worse, she definitely doesn’t need an attractive mortal man distracting her from her duties. Of course, needs and wants are two different things.

Briak has had his eye on Ianthe for a very, very long time, but he’s been waiting for just the right moment to make his move. Despite the fact all hell’s about to break loose on his watch, he can’t resist the opportunity to insert himself into her earthly assignment. Can he convince Ianthe of her true calling and thereby win her heart? Or will his subterfuge ultimately cost him her love?

Please visit Juli’s website to check out the book trailer.

The nitty gritty: A story or story installment of no fewer than four thousand words will land in your inbox for the small fee of $5 per month. I am accepting a sliding scale, because people have offered, so you can pay as much as you want, but no less than $5. Some people are also choosing to pay for multiple installments up front, and this is also acceptable. Leave a comment with the payment when you are doing this so that I know that’s what you are buying. If you do not specify, I am assuming you’ve decided I don’t charge enough for my writing. If the funds are in my paypal by the end of the previous month, you’ll get the next installment. If they hit during the month, just shoot me a comment in the payment so I know what’s going on.

I can send a .PDF file, plain text in email, or a file for Kindle or Nook. Let me know your preference, otherwise I’m defaulting to plain text in email. Also please let me know your preferred email address.

I am very much looking forward to this — there are stories coming forth that are beginning to be written, now that I’m giving them freedom. You won’t be disappointed!

For more information, please see this post.

I suppose I should get a seperate static page up about this somewhere . . .

There has been enough interest in this that I’m going to do it! (Really, one person being interested in this would be enough. You guys. You. Guys.) Suddenly, imminent dental work is less scary. You. Rock.

What is the Story Subscription?

It’s basically that. I’m offering a pay what you wish, with a minimum of $5, and in exchange, you receive a previously unpublished short story or story installment of no less than 4,000 words. I am not looking for more than $5 for each installation but because a number of people have suggested they’d be willing to pay more than that, I’m leaving that option open.

edited to add Because people are both opting to pay for multiple installments up front and also opting to pay more than $5 for one installment, please specify when buying multiple installments at once, otherwise I’m going to assume the latter. Thank you!

How does it work?

If you’re interested in joining, you will simply send whatever it is you are paying via paypal (bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com). Include a note which format you would prefer (for Kindle, for Nook, or text-in-email) and where I should send the file.

Please bear in mind this is an experiment for me. As of right now, I’m offering three options for delivery: .epub, .mobi, or text in the body of an email. I’ve never been on the sending end of a newsletter, so I may be wrong, but plain text in an email seems to be what those are. Since I don’t know if I can restrict signing up to people who have paid (and since it’s going to maybe change every month, depending on who wants to participate in any given month) I’m thinking that I’m just going to send emails out individually rather than doing an actual email subscription list. Bear in mind, also, that I’m working full time and in the next six weeks, aside from one week wherein I’m having the teeth pulled, I’m working over time. And learning .mobi and .epub formatting. So learning fancy ways around newsletter applications are a bit more than I can handle, especially since I don’t think they’re going to be able to do what I want them to do.

When do I receive the story?

This is going live July 1st, which means if you’re interested, you have until the end of June to get in on the action. Remember, some of these are going to be story installments, and to make learning the formatting while having dental work done easier for me, I’ll let you know right up front that the first few months are going to indeed be installments of the same story.

But, there’s more!

Having a tiered perk system was suggested by a few people, and you know, I think that’s a great idea! So, to that end, you could also:

Name a Character
For $25 you get to name a main character in a story.

Name That Plot!
Is there a story you want to see written but don’t want to write it yourself? For $50, you can name that plot! The caveat here is, I’m not open to writing explicit sex scenes or graphic violence, so I reserve the right to turn down a commission. Also, the story cannot be about real people.

Bundles are Coming!
It will require major reformatting on my end, and I’m hoping that with Calibre under my belt it’ll be less intimidating. In the future I will offer a $75 package, wherein you’ll get to name a character, name the plot, and receive either a Kindle or Nook edition of The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales, as well as a $100 package, wherein you get those three things and an autographed hard copy of The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales. Stay tuned for those!

Yesterday I got a new, surprise dental estimate for work that really needs to get done, and I’m staggered. This new bill is going to give us roughly $37 of wiggle room left, on a monthly basis, for the next year and a half. This is scaring the bejezus out of me.

I’m thinking I’m going to offer a monthly short story to people who sign up/and or pay on a monthly basis. I’m putting out feelers for this, because I have no idea what shape that should take. However much work I have to do towards formatting takes away from actual writing time, so — Nook and Kindle formatted files sent to email? (in which case I would beg forgiveness for the first however many installments as I learn my way around the process) Create a newsletter type thing and put the work on there? Do I include cover art (more time on not writing, and it would be basic art at best)?

If you were going to receive an at least 4,000 word story or series installment from me on a monthly basis, would you be willing to pay $5? $10? Would you want it formatted for your e-reader? Would not having a cover be acceptable? Would people even be interested (as in, interested in the next month?). I can’t think of any other way to ask for payments other than via paypal, so I’m thinking it would be a “pay by X date, receive story by Y date” sort of deal. I’m tempted to say $10, so that even if there’s only three or four people interested, it’s going to go a long way toward that new fangled bill, but $5 seems more reasonable. Heh, before today I would have said yes to $5 myself, but $10 would be a more ‘let’s see on a monthly basis.’

Thoughts? Suggestions? Takers?


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